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Community Pathway is Your Business Connection to Your Social Community

Community Pathway can take over all your social media marketing aspects, including your blog, social media updates, monthly newsletters, etc. so you never have to worry about it.  Below tells a bit more about why your business needs social media.

The What and Why on Social Media –

Social Media gives you the opportunity to listen to what others are saying about your company online.  You can have one on one communication with your consumers while gathering feedback about your new and existing products, all to help gain more of a grasp on what your consumers want.  Social media provides opportunities for word of mouth buzz about your company and products while bringing exposure to your company.  You can also use it to produce and distribute exclusive information and offers to your loyalists.

Benefits of a Blog: Unlike most Web sites, blogs are indexed regularly by search engines like Google. So, the text and images you post to your blog will be indexed within days and will appear in search engine results more quickly than changes to your Web site. By posting details of new products and any changes you make to your store to your blog and adding links back to your e-commerce site, you can feed customers to new Web site content well before the new content has been indexed.

Benefits of Social Media Outlets such as Facebook and Twitter: All business owners dream of the chance to get free advertising and Facebook and Twitter are it.  These tools can help you interact with your customers and attract new ones. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more facilitate direct customer engagement and two-way communication. This is one of the biggest benefits of social media versus traditional media and one that smart marketers are taking advantage of.

Benefits of a Monthly Newsletter: Email subscribers can be ambassadors for your brand, helping you gain new social followers and fans, spreading your content far beyond your existing audience.  Integrate social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) into your email marketing to grow your audience, share your company’s content, convert more prospects into customers, and boost your campaign ROI.  75% of Social Media users said that email is the best way for brands to communicate with them, according to a MarketingSherpa survey.

The following are services we offer:

  • Continuously update all social media aspects (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram/etc.)
  • Create and post Blog articles for your website
  • Monthly Email Newsletters

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