Small Business’s Future For Social Media In 2014

Have you set up your business’s marketing plan for 2014?

Community Pathway would like to share some tips for planning your business’s marketing plan for the next year, especially when it comes to social media.

new year planningIf you still aren’t on the social media bandwagon, 2014 is the time to hop on!

  • Make a shift towards more engagement vs. followers. Everyone has strived for being the company with the most amount of followers. While big numbers are great, engagement is what really matters. Get people to interact with your posts, comment and like your posts, “retweet” and “repin” your tweet and pictures.
  • Add more visual content. Infographs, videos and photos will have a greater impact on creating engagement than plain text. If your business doesn’t have a short video made up for its website, YouTube channel, newsletters, etc., call us! We have partnered up with the brilliant masterminds of Video Adventures and are offering competitive “Social Video Packages”.
  • Speaking of video, did you know YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the PLANET?? Once again, if you don’t have a video in place, we highly recommend it for 2014. You may even want to do a series of small minute long videos you can use throughout the year!
  • Keep blogging. Blogging is an important part of targeting inbound leads and should be even more prominent for 2014’s marketing plan. If you haven’t created a blog or haven’t added new content to your blog in a while, this is the year to get back on track!
  • Have you been participating in Facebook ads? Well if not, plan on it in 2014 if you want your posts to be seen by your followers! With this being said, because of the added cost Facebook will likely incur to Pages, Google+ will start to become even more prevalent among businesses. Do you have your Google+ Page set up? Are you posting to it regularly? Things to consider this New Year!
  • Do hashtags in posts annoy you? Well we’re sorry if they do but in all honesty, the use of hashtags will soon become mandatory in order to bring any visibility to your posts. People search on terms…pop a hashtag into a Google search, ex: #PicOfTheDay, and check out all the different feeds that come up. We recommend using a hashtag in EVERY post!

Social Media Marketing is a tool your business needs to make sure it is using for the New Year. If you have questions about getting started or even just getting back on track with your business’s social media marketing, please call us! We’re happy to provide a free consultation!


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