Facebook Analytics – What Posts Are Getting The Most Engagement?

Question: Do you post fun photos/quotes/questions to your Facebook business page that aren’t necessarily related to your business?

If you answered “NO”, you may not be achieving the engagement your Facebook page is fully capable of.

I’ve had clients tell me they don’t know why I post a funny cat picture or ask a “Flip flops or tennis shoes” question on their FB page. While I LOVE cats, I don’t just post cat pictures because they’re cute and I enjoy them. Funny pictures, questions and inspirational quotes all create engagement.

Think about it, if you had someone only pushing their product on you, telling you about why their widget is the best, and so on, wouldn’t you eventually get tired of seeing their posts?

In order to keep your followers happy and entertained it is a good idea to think out of the box. And I challenge you to take a look at your Facebook analytics to prove this point.

Let me give you an example of a client of mine, Clear The Air. They are a company which sells Odor Eliminator Products to consumers (and they truly do work!). Looking at their analytics for the past week, I do all sorts of posts from links to their website and info on their product to silly pictures and questions. An example: Every Friday I post a #HappyFriday picture (check out my article on hashtags). Take a look at the picture I posted:

sample fun pic

Now some may say a picture like this has nothing to do with my product I sell and is a waste of time. This post however received the highest number of reach and engagement last month. 14 people liked it, 1 commented and 11 people shared it on their Facebook!

Now a post that I did for them about eliminating odors from their home received some of the lowest analytics – no one liked it, no one commented on it and no one shared it. This doesn’t mean these topics shouldn’t be posted; after all you definitely need to get your product out there and educate your consumers on it. What it does mean is having fun and light info mixed in with your products value and uses will keep your customers coming back to your page to see what you’re latest post is.

If you have questions about checking out your page’s analytics and seeing what posts are your most popular, please call me. I am always happy to help!


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3 Responses to Facebook Analytics – What Posts Are Getting The Most Engagement?

  1. any suggestions on a ratio of fun to selling type posts?

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