Hashtags – Why Your Business Should Be Using Them

Hashtags and social media – what your business needs to know.

hashtagHave you taken advantage of hashtags with your Facebook Business Page yet? Like Twitter, Instagram and Google+, Facebook has now integrated hashtags into their posts.

If you don’t yet know how hashtags (also known as the “pound” symbol) work, here is how: By affixing “#” to the beginning of a word or group of words, you instantly make that word clickable. If someone were to click on your hashtag, your content is now indexed into that category.

For example, if you hashtag “#PicOfTheDay”, anyone else who has used a hashtag like this one will show up when one clicks on “#PicOfTheDay” hashtag. All shared content, including photos, text posts, and videos are displayed on the results page when you click on or search for a particular hashtag.

But why does a business need to use hashtags? Here is why:

  • Promote a new product. Gain exposure for a new product you are launching. If you sell clothing, use hashtags such as #boots, #sundresses, or #flipflops.
  • Help push a contest or campaign. Add hashtags to your posts that mention the contest so that people who are browsing that same hashtag are more likely to see your contest and engage with it. Also ask your fans to upload the pictures and include the hashtag you make up for your contest. For example “#JulysCutePetContest”.
  • Use hashtags to grow your social SEO. Use hashtags for every aspect of your business. If you are a florist, use hashtags for things like #WeddingBouquets, #flowers, #BirthdayFlowers, #ValentinesDay, #Anniversary, etc. Remember not to go crazy – keep each post’s hashtags to a minimum or else you run the risk of annoying your fans.
  • Create more opportunity for people to “like” your page. If you end a post with the hashtag, #fitness, then everyone (regardless if they like your page or not) who is looking up the #fitness hashtag will be exposed to our post.  In business, the more exposure the better.

Remember to use hashtags correctly. While hashtags can be very beneficial for your Facebook Business Page, when used incorrectly they are just noise.


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  1. marybethvaughn says:

    Do you use them for us?

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