Branding Your Business In A Positive Way

How do your consumers identify you in the community?

One of the many goals as a business owner is to create trust between your business and its customers.  A great way to build trust with your customers is to let them know that you care about others more than just yourself. Socially responsible brands often gain more momentum because their customers know they aren’t just about profits, but also giving back to their communities or the world around them. Social media channels are the perfect platform to communicate this message and let it spread organically.

For example, one of my recent clients, The Glass Doctor, recently donated a very cute log cabin dog house to the Animal Friends of the Valleys for them to raffle off while raising money for animals in need.  And what better way for Laurel to promote The Glass Doctor’s generous donation than through Facebook.

When staying active with your business’s Facebook page it is important to be “real”. Consumers are more likely to identify with your business if you are human and aren’t just using Facebook to promote your product.  Post a question to your fans such as, “What is your favorite Holiday tradition?”  It is also a great idea to post pictures of the day to day events that happen within your place of business.  Do you have a loyal customer who comes in all the time? Take a picture of them with their favorite product and post it to Facebook (after you get their permission of course!).

Branding your business in a positive way via Facebook provides the opportunity for consumers to get to know you on a more personal level.  Instead of thinking of your business as simply a place that sells its goods, they will now connect with you on many more levels.

Need some brainstorming tips on branding yourself in a positive way in your community?  Call or email me and let’s get started!


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