I Should Blog…But Where Do I Start?

Having a blog for your business which is regularly updated is incredibly valuable in more ways than one.

If you have ever considered blogging but really didn’t know where to start or what to write, I’d like to share some helpful suggestions.

Blogging is often used to share experiences not just business ideas and concepts. Always seek unique opportunities to share your ideas and offerings with not only your readers, but their communities, circles, fan groups and followers as well.

  • Here’s a helpful tip, instead of writing content yourself, solicit it from big names and high profile sites. Would you rather hear me write about Facebook business pages, or get that info from someone at Facebook? Probably that Facebook rep, right? Soliciting content from the big guns helps you not only feed your site with content you didn’t have to write (hooray!), but it also translates some of that guest blogger’s authority right over to your site.
  • When you publish a new blog post, you want a catchy title; a hum-drum title doesn’t exactly garner tons of clicks. But blog posts quickly get buried as you pump out new content, and eventually you have hundreds or thousands of posts that barely see the light of day. But remember, those buried posts are still driving a ton of organic value for your site.
  • You’re not just blogging for the fun of it (though I’m sure you’re having a total blast). You’re trying to get traffic. Traffic you can convert into leads. And then customers. Powerful stuff.  This is why it is important to add a call to action in every blog post (see mine below!).
  • If you haven’t already, spend some time optimizing your blog for social media; the success of your blog depends on it. Your blog should have social sharing buttons, as well as social follow buttons so you can simultaneously expand your social reach and the reach of your blog content. You can take it a step further, too, and include cool things like social recommendation widgets so your readers know what blog content is popular among their connections in social media, giving you a little boost by good old social proof.
  • You can also use your blog to announce upcoming events, awards, or other newsworthy topics.  Your followers then have the opportunity to share your article on Facebook and tweet it on Twitter, making your company and its expert advice go viral.

All this may seem like a great idea in theory but when it comes to taking the time to write a blog a few times week, that may seem impossible.

That is why Community Pathway is here to help.  CALL ME or EMAIL ME for a free consultation and we can come up with a plan on how to utilize social media to your business’s advantage and grow your business.


About Community Pathway

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One Response to I Should Blog…But Where Do I Start?

  1. marybethvaughn says:

    Blogging on a consistent basis has really helped our website increase sales. The key is to be consistent, which would not be possible if we did not have Vanessa doing it for us. A couple of subjects I would like to learn more about are, Pintesert (how can we use it for our business), instagram and Tumblr. Maybe you could address them in future blogs. Thanks!


    Mary Beth

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