Google+ And Reviews On What Used To Be Google Places

Everyone wants positive reviews for their business.

I know when I shop online, before I buy a product I like to look at the reviews which have been posted from other consumers about that product.

Based on their reviews, I’ll either go forward with my purchase, or find something else. Furthermore, if there are no reviews for the product, I will usually take some time to find a similar product which consumers have made positive reviews on.

One of the most popular sites for business reviews is Google.  If you haven’t made a Google Plus account yet, it is important to set one up for your business.  This is the new and only way you can continue to receive reviews on Google.  What used to be called Google Places, has now changed over to Google Plus Local.

Confusing, I know, but bottom line if you want your business to be noticed on Google for reviews, set up a Google Plus account – it is quick and easy to do!

When a business sets up a profile on Google+ and customers and friends “follow” it, this impacts search results online.  While Facebook and Twitter are definite musts for all business owners, many question the need for Google+.  When it comes to search engines, Google reigns supreme.  There just simply isn’t another search engine that has as many resources or draws more attention.  Having a Google+ page connected to your business will make it more likely to rank higher on Google’s search results pag3e.

Reviews are important and the more positive reviews on various sites for your business you can get, the better!  Need help setting up your Google+ account and making sure your old reviews from Google Places show up?  Ask me!


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