Creating A Productive Day

Make a promise to stay organized for 30 days…you can build a good habit in just 30 days!

Owning my own business it is very important I manage my time and practice self discipline.  While it would be much more fun to go shopping all day, work needs to be done and my clients count on me.

I’d like to share some helpful tips I’ve learned over time that have helped me make the most out of my day.  While work is important (it is what pays your bills), setting time aside for your mental well being and health is just as important.

One thing that has truly helped me stay on task each day is to write down my three most important tasks I need to get done for the day.  It is always a good idea to write down a “things to do” list on Monday to help stay on track throughout the week.

Many times I have clients ask me to do this or that and if I don’t write it down, I will most likely forget it!  Some people just are not list makers but I have to say, a list is the only thing that will truly keep me on task!

I love to get up early in the morning so I have time for myself before I start into my day to day tasks.  Creating a morning routine allows me to greet the day and get off to a great start.  Some ideas for early morning routines which I have found I love are: exercise, making a healthy breakfast, watching the sunrise (although it’s pretty rare I’m up THAT early), mediation/yoga, and getting an important task that’s been bothering me done.

If you have a pressing matter or task that needs to be addressed and completed before anything else, it helps me to turn my ringer off on my phone, shut down my email and put some classical music on.  In other words, I try to avoid all distractions.  Another idea which can help avoid interruptions is making an appointment for yourself.  We make it a point to block out time for others and be on time for those appointments so why not do the same for yourself?

Schedule a block of time for yourself to get your most important tasks done.  I have also found it helpful to block out time for myself to go to the gym, run or do any other type of exercise.  Too many times I am on a roll on the computer working and I put off a class I want to take at the gym.  A good rule of thumb to remember is: “Do something today your body will thank you for tomorrow”.  This helps me get out and get my butt to the gym!

Lastly, finish your day strong.  No one likes to come into an office in the morning that is cluttered and contains unfinished work.  Tie up loose ends at the end of the day.  If you didn’t get to something one day, write a note to yourself and stick it on your monitor for tomorrow morning when you sit back down to your computer.  Review your list of most important tasks…did you get them all done?

Staying organized with your time are the building blocks to running a smooth and successful business.


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