Grow Your Email Subscriber List

Expanding your email subscriber list is always an ongoing priority for email marketers.

Most importantly you want to make sure your emails offer relevant content and treat your subscribers and normal people.

When you are coming up with your strategy for obtaining more subscribers, put yourself in their shoes.  Ask yourself what they want, what their needs are and what their preferred communication channels are.  Another thing to remember is that  your existing subscribers play a vital role in growing your list as well.  Ask recipients to invite their friends or colleagues to subscribe to the newsletter or give them an option to forward to a friend.  It is also important to add social sharing tools as well to your email.

In order to help grow your list, follow these steps:

  • Learn from those whom have unsubscribed you.  When people unsubscribe to your newsletters, ask them why the unsubscribed.  You may at that point be able to offer them another channel or another form of delivery of your company’s valuable information.  Feedback is very important to know because you are finding out what exactly your followers want or don’t want to see.
  • Use multiple forms to enable people to subscribe.  With the op-in rules in mind, add options to subscribe to your emails on forms for downloading white papers, registering for events, feedback, support tickets, e-commerce, etc.  Of course there is always the old fashioned way of placing a sign up sheet at the register to get people to sign up for your newsletter.  I have seen this way work wonders and the people signing up truly want to receive your business’s information.
  • Keep your requested information minimal at first.  Someone subscribing to your emails is a start of a relationship.  In a relationship you don’t ask about everything all at once.  Limit yourself to information such as email address and first name, at first, then acquire more data through interactions later on.
  • Sell your emails to recipients.  Make it very clear what type of email you will be sending out and how often they will be receiving it.  I believe emails once a month are better than the every day approach.  When I personally receive emails on a daily basis from stores and such, I end up unsubscribing.  If you send one once a month, and include a juicy one of a kind deal, your recipients will end up checking their emails to see if they’ve gotten your monthly offer.
  • Offer an incentive.  By giving subscribers something for signing up for your newsletters, it makes it more appealing to them to make that step.  Also remember to pamper existing subscribers every now and then as well to keep them from unsubscribing.
  • Once your subscriber offers their email address, send them a confirmation email thanking them for joining your mailing list and make sure that process is worthy and user friendly.

Bottom line you need to listen to subscribers and find out what exactly it is they want.  Think from their viewpoint and offer valuable information and offers.


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