Social Media Tips All Business Owners Should Know

I came across some great helpful tips every “solopreneur” should know about social media. While some may be obvious, others are tips that I thought are very worth sharing.  Please check them out:

10 Things a Solopreneur Should Know About Social Media

1. All social media are not the same. LinkedIn should be treated differently than Facebook, which is different from Twitter, which is different from Google+.

2. It takes time and frequency to build trust in any social media, just as in any relationship. Social media is a tool, not a destination.

3. Use all of your communities as a Business Development tool to source highly targeted potential clients/customers.

4. Use LinkedIn to establish Thought Leadership through the growth of a community of highly passionate and engaged people. You can even write a blog that is linked into Facebook, Twitter & Google+

5. You should join groups in all of your social networks. There are also some terrific resources out there for free. You can freely subscribe to any of mine.

6. Your posts will and should reflect the personality of your company. If you are not genuine, you won’t last very long. Anyone who says otherwise is just trying to sell you something.

7. It is okay for your customers to disagree with you on Twitter. That’s why they call it “social” media and not “one kind” media. Best practice: Have a policy for how you deal with negative comments and reach out to those who support you. They are your brand ambassadors! This is true for all of your communities,not just Twitter.

8. If you choose to schedule your Tweets, timing is everything. The life of a Tweet is about one hour; schedule several times throughout the day. Make your presence consistent and meaningful. Hootsuite might make that easier. Follow suit in your other communities.

9. Make sure you are listening to communities on Twitter and any community you participate in! Make no mistake; consumers are in charge now more than ever. Pay attention to what they say. Some of the best product ideas, feedback and problems will come to you from your Twitter communities.

10. Use all your communities to cultivate business leads.

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