Boost Your Business By Blogging

Would you like to boost your business?  Your business may have a blog but is it being used to its best advantage?

If done properly, blogs can generate immense traffic, leads and sales for your business that you would otherwise not have.

Blogging is a way to provide information to consumers that they are looking for.  Instead of bragging about your company, you should be blogging about it.  Focusing on education and information will help gain respect, trust and authority and you will be viewed as a source of knowledge for your customers.  The goal is to walk, talk and think like your consumer.

Here are some creative tips to increase blog traffic and boost your business:

Do Comparisons – As a consumer, we compare products and services to each other to see what may be the best for what we are looking for.  For example, a realtor may blog about the difference between a short sale and a bank owned home.  This is a question that comes up a lot with home buyers and providing information like this on your website’s blog makes you a valuable source of information.  The important thing is to make sure the keyword phrases are included in the blog article.  Adding “short sale vs. bank owned home” keywords will help your ranking on Google.  Look for ways to compare the products and services you sell versus the products and services of others in your field and give factual information about each.

Use the Best – Write about the best!  Build your reputation as an expert in your field.  You can write about relevant topics in your industry such as “What is the best way to…?” or “What is the best type of…?”  Consumers are looking online to find the best solution for their problem and writing about it will help bring your article up in a Google search.

Write about Problems – When a consumer searches online to find out the best of two different products, they are going to want to find the problems.  For example, someone might type in “what are the problems with buying a short sale” or “what types of issues will you face buying a bank owned property”?  When a company is honest and open about “problems” that arise in their industry, it shows transparency and honesty.

Address Your Price – Pricing is a main concern to a consumer when they are shopping various products and services.  It is important to figure out how to address that subject in your blog and avoid the chance of a consumer going elsewhere to find the price.  If you address the issue of pricing, you put yourself in a position to rank for those keywords in a search.  Set yourself apart from competitors and gain respect from consumers who appreciate your willingness to address their questions.  Simply just including your range of pricing or providing an explanation of factors that would dictate the amount a consumer would spend on your product is sufficient.  It is not important to give specifics.

Provide Up To Date Information – In order to become a voice of your industry, providing real time breaking news can have a huge positive impact on your company’s brand and authority.  Should something major in your industry happen, it is important to run an article on it ASAP.  Keep your ears and eyes open to major events happening in your industry.  By doing this, your peers and consumers will see you as a leader in your field and will ultimately increase your chances of getting more business.

If blogging seems like a lot of work and effort that you don’t have time for, Community Pathway will take care of it for you!  We will increase blog traffic and boost your business.


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