Pinterest – The Newest and Most Successful Marketing Tool

If you haven’t ventured onto Pinterest’s site, beware…it is addicting!  Pinterest has many ideas and interests posted by people like you and it has now become a mainstream marketing tool.

With all the new social media platforms appearing within the last year, how do you decide what platforms your business should take advantage of to market your service or product?  A study by the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth found that almost three-quarters of Fortune 500 companies are active on both Facebook and LinkedIn, and two-thirds post on Twitter.

Corporate America also uses message boards, blogs and online video to tell its stories. More than 80 percent consider social media effective for building Web traffic and generating sales leads. Three-quarters use social media to provide customer service.

The newest supernova social media platform is Pinterest.  Pinterest is somewhat like an online bulletin board.  This content-sharing network allows you to “pin” any image from the Internet to your “bulletin board”.  You organize your images into boards for specific categories, and when you post a new image, your followers see it.

Pinterest is set apart from Facebook and Twitter because it is visual with an organized structure.  When people view your boards and pins that you found interesting, they can then “re-pin” your original pin for others to view, creating an avalanche affect with the idea or product that was originally pinned.

The most powerful business application of Pinterest is the ability to post images of your company’s products on your Pinterest board and link them back to your website.  However, make sure you contribute other content or share other user’s pins so you are not just trying to “sell” your product.

Here are some remarkable stats on the powerful growth Pinterest, launch in 2010, has already seen:

  • They have reached 10 million monthly unique visitors faster than any website in history.
  • Pinterest generates more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.
  • Overall Pinterest traffic has increased by 4,000 percent from June to December 2011.
  • Since beginning of 2012, daily users have increased by more than 145 percent.
  • More than 80% of Pinterest users are women.

Take note, Social Media is an incredibly useful marketing tool and you should always strategize your social media marketing efforts to match your customer’s online behavior.

Does this sound like a lot of effort on your part?  Leave it up to Community Pathway to do the research for your and take care of your social media marketing.


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  1. Great information deal here, can anyone recommend me some pinterest marketing ebook, as pinterest has got an important value for traffic i do want to leverage best from it.. i saw a guide at which claims that you can get 1 million pinterest followers, it is free to download but i am still looking for some reviews as most of the stuff like this is time wastage.

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