Social Media Guidelines for Businesses

Social Media Practical Guidelines Every Business Should Know:

Whether you are new to the social media business scene or a seasoned veteran, here are some helpful tips anyone can learn from or use as a reminder.  These practical guidelines will make you much more successful in your social media marketing strategies.

  • First of all, you want to remember that you do not want to be pushy about your product or service you offer.  With social media, traditional forms of marketing do not work as well.
  • Participate in conversation.  Share your information freely and your community will value you as a whole, not just a place to buy a product or have a service rendered.
  • Provide well written, informative and entertaining content via blog posts, tweets, facebook status updates, videos, podcasts, webinars and so forth.  This will not only improve your search engine placement on sites such as Google, but it will also position you as a knowledgeable expert.  Content targeted towards your audience will give them the want to come back.
  • Always make sure your content is shareable.  Create your content with a social media layer such as a Facebook Like or a “Tweet This” button.  This is an easy way to get your info out there and increase the odds of more and more people not only viewing your content but linking back to following you via social media sites.
  • Be real and honest in your social media content.  If someone posts a negative comment, address it to make it right.  A customer that sees you go the extra mile to fix a problem is more likely to buy again from you because it shows you care about your customers feedback and concerns.
  • If you have an attitude of giving, you shall receive.  Doing this will go a long way toward establishing a credible name for yourself in the social media circles.
  • Be yourself with all your social media channels.  Providing pictures and stories of what is going on with your business or shop helps relate you to your social community on a down to earth level and let your followers know you are human just like them.
  • Experiment with different campaigns.  Ask questions on your Facebook and see if you get any responses.  Host a contest; you can have a photo contest and have people post pictures on your Facebook and your followers can vote on the best photo.  This helps people interact with your page and gets them coming back to check the status on contests and other events. 

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