Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more have grown faster than radio or television.  Facebook has made such a big impact on business that more than 70% of companies now have a Facebook page.  If your business is now participating in the social media marketing craze, it is important to keep in mind these possible mistakes that are commonly made using social media.  We’d like to share them with you:

Inconsistency – Posting to your Facebook or tweeting here and there is not a good idea.  Make a plan of when and what you are going to post and stick to it.  Plan to spend an hour a day working on your social sites.  Choose the most popular sites, such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your business.

Lack of Interaction – If people post on your pages, it is important to respond to them by either answering them or thanking them.  If you do not respond, people will stop visiting.  Check your page twice a day and try to be thorough in your replies.  You can then visit their site and reciprocate – this helps keep your pages active.

Keep your Personality – While your site should be professional, making it personal and a fun and friendly place for people to visit will help increase traffic to your sites.  Talk about new and interesting things and offer coupons and contests.

Not connecting to other sites – It is important to let your Facebook followers know you also have a Twitter account.  If you have a blog, always link your new article you wrote to your Facebook to encourage traffic to your blog.  Also, at your blog, have a link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Not Asking for Follows or Likes – It is important to ask your followers to find you on your other social media sites.  Do not be afraid to ask as this will greatly increase your social activity.  Try putting this request in your email signature or on your business card.

Content Sucks – If you don’t have quality content, there is no reason for people to visit your site.  Remember, there are millions of Facebook pages so you need to give your followers a reason to visit yours.  Post links to helpful articles, announce special sales and offer coupons and prizes.  You can also hold a contest each month as well.  All the more reason for people to visit your page!

Not Announcing a Call to Action – People will respond to a sale or service if you give them a clear call to action.  It can be as simple as “click here to subscribe” or “read the entire article”.  You can also ask people to retweet or share on their Facebook page.

Ineffective Profile – A complete and well written profile will help build your credibility.  Add a professional looking photo of yourself or your store.  List your qualifications and why people would benefit from your products or services.

Bad Grammar – Not proofreading your posts can make quality content spoil.  Make sure to proof read your posts before publishing them.

Too Much Information – Make sure to keep your personal life separate from your business’s social media content.  To get an idea of what to write, visit other sites and get ideas from them.  Post content that will help your visitors and benefit them.


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