Use of Twitter for social marketing to increase this year

TwitterWith Twitter recently reaching 500 million users, it is expected in 2012 to reach 600 million based on its current numbers and growth rates.  Although there have recently been spambot activity on Twitter, it is still likely that the 500 million mark is almost entirely active users.

For social media marketing, Twitter is one of the best platforms to reach new prospects while measuring the needs and desires of the public. In addition, Mediabistro said it expects Twitter to reach 1 billion users in about a year and a half.

Just last September Twitter had exceeded 100 million users.  Its rapid growth within the last few months to 500 million users demonstrates an apparent surge in interest.

Following this trend, social media budgets will likely shift in 2012 to focus more on the microblogging website, Twitter.  Brafton’s recent report stated that 70 percent of businesses using social media marketing will increase their use of Twitter for 2012.


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