SIIA Survey Proves There Is A Gap Between The Strong Belief In Social Media Marketing And Actually Putting It Into Practice

The Software & Information Industry Association has recently published some interesting information in terms of social media and the missing connection between the attitudes from large brands and the investment seen in both time and money.

An interesting survey called “Marketing in Today’s Economy”  surveyed over 100 marketing executives and found that 90% of marketing executives of which were surveyed use social media and ¾ of them believe it has a positive impact on their business.  However, half (54%) of respondents said their company’s marketing team spends less than 10 hours per week investing in social media!

Despite the strong belief in social media marketing, only 1/3 of marketers are engaged in it for only five or less hours a week.  This was based on the survey showing that out of the 54% of respondents that said their company’s marketing team spends less than 10 hours per week investing in social media, 35% said they spend only one to five hours per week on it. It was also found that 75% of respondents did not outsource their social media efforts, however that number is expected to lower this year based on the increased awareness of social media marketing.

Marketers predict that the biggest trend businesses will see in 2012 is greater communication and quantification of value to customers.  Social media marketing is a vital tool for businesses to use and take advantage of.  It is not only inexpensive compared to other forms of marketing but with such a wide audience to capture, any business would be silly not to!


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