Zappos – Building a major online presence by implementing social media marketing

ZapposZappos falls into the category of a top company that has transformed their online presence by implementing innovative social media marketing.

Zappos is an online retailer that sells shoes, clothing and accessories.  Their main focus is to create down to earth relationships with their fans and customers and make sure to treat potential fans as equal to them, solidifying their relationships even more.  For example, on their Facebook landing page, they encourage people to “like” their page with a banner saying “Let’s Be In A Like-Like Relationship”.

Once fans “like” their page, they then ask them to join their email list while asking them to also rate recent trends.  This shows they care about building relationships with their customers and gaining knowledge on what their customers are looking for.  Zappos also provides content exclusively for customers who have become a fan called “fans-only content”.  These fans gain access to exclusive content, videos and special promotions.

Customers are also encouraged to interact with Zappos on their custom welcome tab, where they can post about products they’ve ordered.  Once someone has posted a comment, it will then post to your Facebook profile or page telling all your friends and/or fans what you like most about Zappos.

If that isn’t impressive enough, Zappos’ “Fan of the Week” contest tops their social media marketing strategy truly encouraging consumers to build a relationship with the online retailer.  “Fan of the Week” encourages fans to send in their photos with their Zappos box and other Facebook fans get to vote on the best photo of the week.  Once the winner is decided, he or she is put on their profile picture for all to see.

Learn from companies like Zappos and implement their strategies in your own social media marketing.  Finding ways to use social media to put the spotlight on your fans will help build relationships and gain repeat customers.  This is a simple strategy to use – you don’t have to be a billion dollar company to do this and hiring Community Pathway is your solution!


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One Response to Zappos – Building a major online presence by implementing social media marketing

  1. speakersgold says:

    Zappo’s has a wonderful brand story. Always admired them.

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