Hootsuite – Bringing Your Social Media Together

HootsuiteManaging all your social media platforms with one service and track your ROI – Hootsuite is your answer!

If you feel overwhelmed with making Facebook posts, tweeting on Twitter, writing on your blog, and updating your LinkedIn, Hootsuite may be the answer for you!

With Hootsuite, not only can you update all your social media portals, but you can also take advantage of its data tracking abilities.  When a URL of an article or website you are encouraging followers to click on is shortened through Hootsuite, it will automatically track when and how often someone clicks on that URL.  This is a great way to measure ROI for your social media marketing.

Hootsuite’s dashboard lets you manage ALL of your social media platforms and is very easy and basic to use.  There are some downsides to Hootsuite however.  When a URL is shortened (in order to make it track-able through Hootsuite) it takes away your free website exposure by removing the name of your website and replacing it with a shorter Hootsuite related we address.

Other than that, Hootsuite is a great tool to use to keep track of all your social media marketing portals.


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