Rise In Email Marketing Due To New Methods of Communication

Methods of communication, such as social media and mobile devices, that were previously seen as threats to email marketing are actually now a benefiting complement to email success.  For the marketing professional, the rise of Smartphone’s, Tablets and Social Media have made email a solid business tool.

People have instant access to their email 24/7. By including links within a business’s email to various social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it is easier for consumers to connect with various businesses socially in an instant.

Unfortunately many emails that are sent out to consumers end up blocked by spam filters or skipped over by recipients and deleted.  Ensure your email design is right – display a reason for the email that will entice recipients to open it.  Also consider smaller screen resolutions due to the rise of Smartphone and tablet use.

Do you have questions on your Email Marketing?  Contact Community Pathway.  We will be more than happy to provide you with unbeatable service and create an email marketing design that will entice customers to act upon the email they receive.


About Community Pathway

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