Simple How To Guide to adding Social Media to your Marketing Plan for 2012

Have you thought about adding social media to your marketing plan for the New Year?  Need a few helpful hints to get you started?  Here you go:

  • Make sure you blog 2-3 times a week and make them full of keywords that will enable a Google Search to bring up your blog or website.  It is important to include posts that provide interesting and helpful information that is pertinent to your business.
  • Once your blog is published, post a link on your Facebook page to your blog.  This will increase the chances of your company showing up in Google Searches as well since a Facebook page is public.  It will also encourage your fans on Facebook to visit your blog and website.
  • Set up your blog and Facebook to auto-post to your Twitter account.  This way you don’t have to log in to multiple social media platforms to make the same entries.
  • Use your personal Facebook page to your advantage.  Make sure to press the share button under your business page post and share it to your personal profile.  Encourage your Facebook friends to share this post with their friends and so forth.

Remember, if you find yourself running out of time to make these important updates, Community Pathway is always available to help, letting you focus on growing your business in other ways.


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