Email Marketing – The affordable and very effective marketing tool for small businesses

For smaller businesses which have a small budget for marketing and can’t spend funds on above the line methods of advertising, email marketing supplies many benefits to a company on a budget.

  • Low Cost – Using paper print marketing and/or television and radio ads can cost thousands.  Along with the cost is the labor that is involved in compiling such campaigns.  Email marketing only entails a fraction of these resources and costs pennies compared to the dollars spent on traditional marketing.
  • Immediate Receipt – Unlike snail mail marketing, email marketing allows your recipients to receive your email marketing tool immediately.   You can also target specific sections of your mailing list should you have a email that pertains only to a specific group of your list.  you to communicate instantly with customers.  Not only will email recipients receive your email immediately, it provides interaction with customers and potential customers.
  • Traffic Goes Both Ways – With video, radio and print ads, communication is one way.  Email marketing provides the recipient with a message in which they can react and respond to.
  • Unlimited Recipients – Thanks to the internet, your chance of your email reaching more than those that are only local are highly possible.  People can now log on to your website and sign up to be on your email list.
  • Multiple Recipients – When your email is sent to the recipients on your list, they then have the option to forward on to a friend and also share it on Facebook or other social networks.  This increases your odds of gaining more customers simply by the work of your current customers.
  • Feedback from Customers – Email provides the opportunity to create a relationship with your customers by keeping them informed about your company news as well as future plans.  Encourage feedback from your customer base so you can constantly improve your way of business.

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