Businesses and Social Media – 2012 Will Prove That All Business Need To Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

With Facebook and Twitter dominating the social media world, more and more businesses are embracing the success found with using social media to their marketing advantage.

Businesses will now use improved analytics tools in 2012 to expand customer experience.  Not only will companies expand more of their budget towards social media but will also adopt better tools to improve ROI and analytics from their social media efforts.  Companies will also use social media within 2012 to connect with customers directly in certain public relations issues.

It is no joke that social media is going to grow within 2012.  More companies are hiring employees solely devoted to social media and some have even hired entire teams to handle their social media accounts.  It has now become a budgeted item as businesses plan their 2012 financial plan.

Have you budgeted social media into your business plan for 2012?  Remember, if you mean to be in control of your business’s own social media, it is important to ensure you are able to completely keep up with updating and responding to comments on a daily basis.  Simply setting up your social media sites and walking away from it can bring more harm than good.  It is important to be confident your social media is being monitored and maintained regularly to ensure you stay connected with your social community.


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