Outsourcing Your Business’s Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t already heard, 2012 will allow more budgets to increase for their social media side of marketing campaigns.  According to the 2011 Social Media Marketing Report, 28% of marketers outsourced social media duties.  This number doubled from 2010.  If this style continues to move in this same direction, it would mean about half of all marketers will be outsourcing at least some or maybe all of their social media activity in 2012.

You may ask yourself, doesn’t the person in charge of your social media have to reside in house? Don’t they have to be familiar with your company and provide relevant information?  So you have created a social profile on one or many different platforms and try your hardest to provide entries daily or weekly.  However, with your focus needing to be on your business, it is hard to find time to fully commit to your social media marketing, thus the need for outsourcing.

Now, you’ve made the decision to hire a social media marketer that can focus 100% on social media for your business, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are completely hands off.  While a good social media expert should be able to come up with quality content on their own to write and post about, interaction with you should be often, especially at the beginning.  Having a clear plan of action for your social media is key to get the very best result out of your social media.

If your social media candidate is close by, it would be helpful to have him or her visit your office or place of business to see the day to day activities.  Also make sure to provide this person with tons of info…the more they have to work with the better! Are you coming out with a new product?  Are you expanding your business?  Are you introducing products into new markets?  Whatever it might be, make sure your social media expert is aware of this.  It may be as simple as copying them on emails or setting up a weekly call to inform him or her of new happenings.

There is not doubt social media is going to be a huge key player in 2012 for any type of business.  If you haven’t already found someone to be in charge of your social media, make it a goal for 2012!


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