The Future of Social Media Marketing

Many of us are seeing new social networking sites that provide more of a niche for different interests.  While Facebook and Twitter will remain the elite social networks, smaller sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Plyvore will become more prevalent in 2012.

While Google+ made a surprise entrance in 2011, Facebook is still king.  Google has a long way to go to catch up with Facebook.  When considering a social outlet for business, Facebook is now set up so well to cater to your business, it makes sense to take advantage of the millions of Facebook users to help grow your business.

Posting valuable information to your social media sites is by far the most important factor in gaining anything for your business through social media marketing.  A business’s social media strategy is dependent on the value it can provide their followers or fans.  Customer support, deals and discounts are all part of the value you can offer to your fan base through social media.

Remember, your website should always be your number one priority!  A business should take full advantage of their social media outlets to drive traffic to their website.  Adding a blog to your website is a great way to connect info on Facebook or Twitter to your site’s blog.  For example you can have an excerpt of an article you wrote on your blog on your Facebook page and encourage people to “read more” by including a link on your Facebook post to your blog article.  Also have links on your website that encourage viewers to Follow you on Twitter or Like you on Facebook.

Take time in 2012 to set up solid analytics and judge what medium of social media marketing will work for your business.


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