Email Marketing – The Need To Know Basics

Email marketing has now become the main way for people to receive information and messages.  With the fast development of the internet, it is now able to give birth to email marketing.  It is sad to see many businesses still not taking advantage of marketing through email as it is one of the most efficient marketing strategies.

Below are some business advantages of email marketing:

  • It is inexpensive.  Email is the cheapest method of communication that is available as of now.  With a simple click of your mouse you are able to send out information to thousands of recipients.  All of your communication and correspondence happens online, avoiding the cost of envelopes, paper, stamps and more.
  • It is quick and easy to do.  As mentioned above, with just a quick click of your mouse, you send thousands of emails to your audience and your audience will receive it immediately.  Furthermore, your recipient can then reply back to you immediately, making your dialogue instant and promoting a positive relationship with your audience.
  • It is efficient.  You can add anything you’d like to your email that will help promote your business, including coupons, announcement of a new product or event and more.  You can also include links in your email to promote recipients to go to your website and or social media sites.
  • It builds relationships with customers.  Since email communication is fast and convenient it is easy to create a dialogue with your consumers thus creating a positive relationship with them by either providing them with the info they are inquiring about or solving a problem they may have.
  • It is viral.  Once you send an email to a recipient and it includes a coupon for example, your email can then be forwarded to a friend of theirs, causing your marketing campaign to grow beyond the scope of your direct recipients.

You should always make sure your email address list has been created by users choosing to “opt in” to receibving your emails.  The last thing you want is your emails to be considered spam.


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