2011 Twitter Facts revealed by Dick Costolo the CEO of Twitter

At a recent press conference, Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter, revealed the latest numbers for Twitter.  As Twitter is now 5 years old, it has become more mainstream, competing with Facebook’s popularity.

  • Twitter now has 100 million active users every month
  • 50 Million Users every day
  • 200 million registered users
  • The number of Twitter users logging in every month is up by 82% since the beginning of the year
  • 55 million users  log in to Twitter from their phone or tablet each month
  • Twitter.com receives 400 million visitors a month
  • Twitter.com visitor growth is up 60% this year
  • 40% of Twitter users don’t tweet every month but watch others tweet
  • Projected growth by the end of the year is an additional 26 million users
  • Twitter hosts approximately one billion tweets every 5 days
  • Twitter has set a new record for tweets per second of 8,900 (TPS)

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