Key ways companies can measure ROI from their Social Media

A major opportunity for social media data and research analysis is to build brand perception.  How consumers stack up against their competitors in loyalty and trust can be a leading indicator of consumers’ future buying and decision-making.

Another objective of social media monitoring and research is measurement of a brand’s own marketing campaigns.  When a company’s consumers sound off via their social media, whether negative or positive, it is very useful feedback for businesses that are spending large amounts of money on marketing and sales activities and helps them measure what activities are beneficial and those that are not.  With regular posts through social media, this data is constantly coming at them – it is very of the moment.

A company can also measure the total size of a brand community to get a sense of how little or how much of their total customer base they actually have a permission based communication relationship with.

If you are looking for an inexpensive but fruitful way to keep your social media up to date and current, look to Community Pathway.  We have helped other small businesses increase not only their brand awareness but their sales as well and we can help you too!


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