Walmart using Social Media to be the leading retailer among major companies to benefit from Black Friday

Walmart is definitely the leading retailer among major companies that is looking to cash in on Black Friday, looking towards social media to do the marketing for them.  The company currently has more than 10.4 million Facebook fans, which is more than a 4 million fan lead on Target, the second-most popular retail chain on the social giant. Walmart’s success can be an inspiration to brands of all sizes on how to engage eager shoppers through social media marketing this holiday season.

As Black Friday approaches, consumers search the web for new deals they can take advantage of to save money during their holiday shopping.  Walmart is especially successful in interacting with this audience due to both its fan total and its engagement rate. According to the research, more than 5,200 fans interact with the company each month.

In general, the company’s social media marketing campaign is paired well with its other web advertising initiatives, firmly positioning the company to improve sales ahead of Black Friday.


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