Email Marketing continuing to grow and be an important method of marketing.

The email marketing sector has claimed to have recorded its most successful half-year to date.  The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reported an increase in website traffic generated by email, growth in the number of email addresses under management and a rise in the number of campaigns.  Click-through rates from emails leapt from 12 million in H2 2009 to 16.1 million in H2 2010 – an increase of 33 per cent in the amount of traffic email is driving to clients’ websites.
Additionally, the DMA found that email marketing budgets rose through the half-year, with a third of clients spending between 21 and 40 per cent more on email in the final three months of 2010 compared to a year earlier.
James Bunting, a member of the DMA’s Email Marketing Council, stated “The DMA’s email tracking study earlier this year showed that consumers are receiving more emails of interest to them than ever before and this latest research shows that those relevant emails are working.

Mr. Bunting added that email is driving more traffic to websites than ever before.  “The future looks to be even brighter because this success is occurring at a time that email service providers are promising advanced tactics within their product suites, enabling even greater targeting and relevance,” he said.
Email marketing services are incredibly advanced now providing the sender with a multitude of analytics.  There are many ways to tweak your email to make it more appealing to your recipients.  All of these are offered with Community Pathway.  Call us for a free quote so we can help your email marketing optimize your return on investment.


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