Testimonials from Community Pathway Customers

As times get tough, spending mass amounts of money on marketing becomes few and far between.  All businesses need marketing and there are fortunately still inexpensive marketing tools you can use to increase your sales.  Social media touches countless recipients and can boost your sales and increase foot traffic.

Two companies that Community Pathway has been providing social media services since August 2011, have seen a large boost in their sales.

Earth Care Products, makers of odor eliminators, have a strong online presence and have been using our services now for less than four months.  “After only 4 months of using Community Pathway, we just had the best 4 week average in 2 years with our online business.  We strongly believe it is because of the connection we have developed and maintained with our social network, thanks to Community Pathway.”

Country Feed Store has 3 Premium and Holistic Pet Food stores and have also been using Community Pathway for about 4 months.  Last month they experienced a 45% increase in sales thanks to the build up of their social network and sending out their monthly newsletters by Community Pathway.  How amazing that in economic times as these, a retail store can experience such a huge increase in sales!  There is proof in the pudding  that the inexpensive marketing tool of our social media services can truly grow your business.


About Community Pathway

We Are Your Business Connection To Your Social Community
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