Email Marketing – Why it is the way to market your Business:

With Email Marketing, you can reach out to a multitude of people in a matter of seconds.

With a database of opt-in email addresses, your response rate is usually high allowing email marketers an increased chance for higher profit, list building and traffic.  In order to get the best outcome from your email marketing campaign, there are a few basics to understand.

Prompt – The greatest benefit is the fast approach of email and the equally fast responses.  It is feasible to send out your first email and get what you are looking or asking for in the email back in your inbox within minutes.  When used correctly, it is the fastest of all marketing methods when used correctly.

Testing – As with all marketing types, email marketing has to be tested.  However, email marketing testing is much faster and more cost-effective than any other type of marketing since the process is sped up so much more than other avenues of marketing.

Cost Effective – Contrary to other types of marketing, with email marketing not much money has to be spent.  You simply need a computer, internet and time to write an email.  While email is generally free, there are very helpful services that have templates, provide analytics from your email blast, and more and are available at a very reasonable fee.

Reaction – One of the other many amazing parts of email marketing is the ability to get a reaction almost immediately.  When the individual on the receiving end gets the email they then make a decision.  They will either delete the email without reading it, delete after some or all of it, or read it and then either buy or participate in whatever you are asking them in the email.  On top of that, should they be excited about the event, product, or whatever the call to action is in the email, they are likely to forward it to friends or family, thus increasing sales and your customer base.

It doesn’t take much to see that in times like these when all businesses are trying to cut costs, email marketing is the way to market your business, grow sales, and increase foot traffic.


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