During the Holiday Season, it’s in your business’ best interested to be in the Social Media Loop

Corporation, IBM, reported that socially engaged consumers are more likely to make purchases than others who shop or research items on the web.

According to IBM, 9.2 percent of consumers who saw social media marketing campaigns made purchases, compared to the overall conversion rate for web purchases, which IBM pegged at 5.5 percent. Additionally, Facebook is the primary social traffic driver for businesses, as 77 percent of all ecommerce traffic generated from social comes from the channel leader.

Beyond social, mobile access to retail websites is expected to increase during the holidays and maintain the growth moving forward. In the earliest stages of holiday shopping, 11 percent of consumers accessed a website on their Smartphone or tablet to research or make a purchase. According to IBM, the figure represents growth of 4.2 percent from the same month last year. In terms of mobile operating systems, both Android and iOS users accessed mobile websites with great frequency.


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