Twitter Facts that Small Business Owners Should Know

  1. People that follow a brand on Twitter are selective and loyal.  Nearly 80% of users follow fewer than 10 brands – and they tend to stick with them.  In addition, three out of four users have never unfollowed a brand.
  2. Followers are more likely to recommend and buy, helping you to build brand awareness.  60% of users are more likely to recommend brands they follow, and half are more likely to make a purchase.  This means, it makes more sense to connect with current customers over going after new ones, especially because your happy existing customers will most likely tell their friends about you.
  3. Followers want to be informed of your products, not so much receiving promotions and deals.  Of course people do follow brands on Twitter to receive coupons and such, however it is not the reason.
  4. Your followers are much more likely to read your tweets than to tweet about your brand or re-tweet your tweets.   So, just because a company’s followers are not broadcasting your content, doesn’t mean your presence doesn’t matter.  84% of followers read tweets posted by the brand, while only 23% tweet about the brand.  Content is critical!

Twitter should be a vital marketing tool your company uses.  If you aren’t tweeting regularly, you are missing out!


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