What are the advantages of video e-mail?

Earth Care Products, one of Community Pathway’s clients, has been using video email to reach out to potential distributors. They have now doubled their number of distributors soley by use of Video Email.

When it comes down to processing new information a lot of people nonetheless prefer to read text. A written text gives people the opportunity to process each and every reality at their very own pace. However, with videos you are able to integrate a reminder into your marketing and advertising program. It is possible to put a video on your blog, but you can also let folks opt-in to your technique and send a more private video that draws their attention afterwards.

Below are 3 major causes why video email advertising is much more efficient than written emails.

1. Folks are more likely to buy items from people they know. This means you have to connect together with your possible buyers. Is there a better strategy to connect than by showing folks the actual you? That is why music videos are produced: they tell a story about an artist or song and individuals identify themselves using the visual message. If you are not reaching out to your clients, they won’t show any interest in what you need to say.

2. Each and every business relation is according to trust. You might have an enormous advantage on your competitors who only use impersonal written emails. People are able to see your face and hear your voice, which creates a relationship on a personal level. By the way, when utilizing video messages men and women see that you’re a human being and not some kind of machine that copy-pastes e-mail messages. Consumers who are emotionally connected invest about 50% more income than other buyers. And another fact: nobody desires to work with men and women they do not like.

3. Videos are much more useful The average e-mail viewer only spends 8 seconds reading a written e-mail even though about 60% watches a video message. The retention percentage for hearing is 10% while the retention percentage for seeing amounts to 50%. So if you want to be useful, you just have to be heard and observed in the identical time.

Video Email is included in Community Pathway’s Monthly Newsletter Service.  What a more personal way to connect with your social community than with a video email.  Earth Care Products, one of Community Pathway’s customers, has been using video email to reach out to potential distributors. For the past year, they have seen a 30% increase in business solely from the use of Video Email.


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