Study shows social media use impacts every aspect of automotive purchase process from research to ownership ( ), the global leader in automotive internet marketing solutions, in partnership with DriverSide and GfK Automotive, today announced the results of a study that shows that information on social media networks – such as status updates, comments and “likes” -plays a significant and expanding role in helping car-buyers determine which brands, models and dealerships to consider, and which ones to drop, when shopping for a new vehicle. The results also point to the role of advocacy between consumers as a powerful force, and underscore the importance for dealers and manufacturers to continue to engage with buyers; especially after the purchase when consumers are bonding with their new vehicle and are highly likely to broadcast their new car and purchase experience on social media channels.

Significant findings from the study include the following:

-38 percent of new vehicle shoppers said they used or will use social media to research their next vehicle purchase.

-Of those who used Facebook while shopping, 41 percent said they saw a post that caused them to add a brand or model to their consideration; similarly, 28 percent said they saw a posting that caused them to add a dealership to their consideration.

-Approximately 25 percent of buyers use social media post-purchase to broadcast their purchase and ownership experience, showing a high level of engagement after the purchase. This number jumps to 33 percent for those loyal to a particular brand, and 37 percent for those loyal to a dealership.

-Of those who were loyal to a brand, 44 percent are very or somewhat likely to recommend that brand to their social networks; among those loyal to a dealership, that number is 47 percent.



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