Facebook Fan Numbers Increase Dramatically Just Since 2009!!

Companies are now spending billions of dollars annually on social media to create brand awareness and lead generation.  A significant percentage of this money will be spent on Facebook, with the goal of increasing a brand’s fan base through either Facebook page applications or Facebook ads.  The number of Facebook pages with 1 million fans or more has soared from 300 in November 2009 to 3,000 in August 2011…there are now more than 140 Facebook pages with over 10 million fans. What more proof do you need that Facebook needs to play a crucial role in your business!?!?


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4 Responses to Facebook Fan Numbers Increase Dramatically Just Since 2009!!

  1. mary beth says:

    We hired Community Pathway two months ago, this week is the best we have had in our online business for the last 17 months. thanks for a great job Vanessa!!!


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