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Your business needs its own blog…and this is why:

Blogging is essentially free, there are no additional costs that should be incurred in set up and maintenance, other than the perhaps additional bandwidth costs depending on content and traffic. No cost? Sounds great doesn’t it? Well I would argue … Continue reading

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Social Media – Helping to Close Business Deals

Nearly three-quarters of marketers who have been using social media for around three years (72 percent) say that their social efforts have helped them close business deals. Increased sales were also a benefit for more than half of marketers who … Continue reading

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Facebook Fun Facts – Amazing How Much A Part Of Our Lives Facebook Really Is:

Facebook has over 350 million active users. More than 35 million users update their status each day, with more than 55 million status updates each day. Over 1 billion photos and 10 million videos are uploaded to Facebook each month … Continue reading

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6 Benefits of Email Marketing

If you use email marketing wisely, it can be a valuable and profitable part of your overall marketing campaign. A lot of small businesses do not have time to consistently keep up with acquiring new emails, adding/removing them from email … Continue reading

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Facebook Fan Numbers Increase Dramatically Just Since 2009!!

Companies are now spending billions of dollars annually on social media to create brand awareness and lead generation.  A significant percentage of this money will be spent on Facebook, with the goal of increasing a brand’s fan base through either … Continue reading

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People Look Towards Social Media For Major News Updates and Current Events

Where were you when Southern California experienced their power outage last Thursday?  Where did you turn to receive updated information and news updates? The scope of Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets have become so widespread that consumers often … Continue reading

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What a great testimonial on the importance of using Facebook to gain business!

I am living proof that [Community Pathway] will do nothing but succeed. My mother in-law looked on my Facebook page and saw that I liked Country Feed Store and then came across a purse she LOVED…..$$$$$ Keep up the good … Continue reading

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