Why Should a Business Have A Blog?

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a “mom and pop” yogurt shop, having a blog added to your social media will gain awareness of your products or services while staying in contact with your customers and communicating with them about your business and products.

Unlike most Web sites, blogs are indexed regularly by search engines like Google. So, the text and images you post to your blog will be indexed within days and will appear in search engine results more quickly than changes to your Web site. By posting details of new products and any changes you make to your store to your blog and adding links back to your e-commerce site, you can feed customers to new Web site content well before the new content has been indexed.

Having a blog will differentiate your business from others in terms of the level of service that you provide to your customers. A regularly updated blog also reassures customers that your business is active and functioning.

If you’re looking for a way to develop and maintain customer loyalty particularly in lean times a blog is an inexpensive and attractive method for doing so. Blogs are simple solution and they offer you a way to help build brand loyalty with your customers.

Before committing to a blog, be aware that setting it up and linking it to your store is the easy part.  This is where Community Pathway can assist you!  While it may seem like a simple task, continuously updating the blog and rest of the social media, in reality it will start out strong but often with someone that holds a key role in the business, such as the owner/manager, they have many other more demanding tasks to take care of and the social media updates start to become far and few between.

Keeping the blog updated, active and topical is the hard part. Ideally, you should blog two to three times a week so you stay in contact with your customers. The more useful and relevant content that is posted to your blog, the more value it will have as a resource for your customers.


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